Kowloon Tong Campuses (Aged 3 to 6)

In line with our philosophy, we adopt activity approach to develop our curriculum. By designing age and developmentally appropriate play-based learning activities for children, we are able to facilitate them to learn through hands-on experiences.


We employ Topic and Project to build children’s knowledge and skills through interactive activities. Dramatic play, regarded by us as a very powerful tool to promote all-round learning for children, is always an integral component of our curriculum.


Where possible we support children to learn through first-hand experience, and thus educational visits will be arranged for them, such as visits to the Ocean Park, the Brighter Smiles Playland, the Heritage Museum and many other interesting places.


Our outdoor area offers our children a wonderful site where they can take a nature walk, explore insects living in our garden, and observe the growth of plant. We are certain that these first-hand learning experience complements children’s learning in topics and in projects substantially.


Information Technology is becoming an important part of our life nowadays and children also learn through computer interactive programmes that have been integrated into our curriculum.