Hung Hom Campus (Aged 2 to 3)

Children learn through playful and hands-on activities.


Learning opportunities are provided in and out of the classrooms to enhance children’s language ability and to develop their early social skills. Teaching aids and sensory activities that are made accessible for children in classrooms are carefully selected and designed to stimulate the learning interest of children. Self-care training activities that relate to children’s living experience will also be designed to enable them to learn self-care skills.

We further make opportunities available to children to speak up and share their views in class throughout the school term to build up their self-confidence. Children are given chances to perform on stage in the company of their parents at the end of the school year as well.


Our spacious, well-designed and child-friendly indoor playground is equipped with extensive play and sensory equipment to enhance children’s play-based learning experience, which could simultaneously improve and strengthen their gross and fine motor skills.


To enrich our children’s real-life learning experiences, educational field trips are arranged for them throughout the school year.