Hung Hom Campus (Aged 2 to 3)

Based upon our experience of running quality kindergarten education services for young children over the past four decades, we have developed our Pre-Nursery curriculum to integrate the best curricular design and the child-centered approach practiced in the East and in the West. Our curriculum is delivered in Chinese, English and Putonghua with great emphasis placed on encouraging children to learn through play and on stimulating their motivation to learn. Through staging a language-rich and inspirational learning environment, our school strives to kindle children’s curiosity and thinking abilities.


The dual thematic and story approaches that underpin our curricular structure provides our children with a wide range of playful learning activities, which include but not limited to sensory play, creative play, and imaginative role play. These learning activities serve well to build children’s confidence and foster their cognitive development, language learning, social skills, creativity and problem-solving, physical movement and body coordination, and self-care ability. Relating children’s daily learning to their real life experience, providing them opportunities to learn independently, and supporting them to work with peers in a collaborative manner are also some of the crucial features that characterize the child-centeredness and the developmental appropriateness of our curriculum.


In line with our philosophy about the importance of immersing children in a language-rich environment at an early age, we staff each class with a Chinese class teacher and a native English class teacher. They work in partnership and, together with the assistance from a Putonghua teacher and a class assistant, jointly take care of each child in the class. Children will thus be able to build a solid foundation of language learning in English, Chinese, and Putonghua through their daily interaction and communication with the teachers.