At St. Catherine’s we aim to nurture in each and every child a thirst for knowledge, laying the foundations for their successful Primary education and life-long learning.


St. Catherine’s develops its school-based, integrated curriculum to warrant unique and child-centered learning experience for children. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed and carefully delivered by a dedicated team of native English and Chinese teachers. They are committed to build children’s bilingual competencies in both Chinese and English and take care each child’s all-round development.


In addition to cognitive and language skills, we believe that social, emotional and physical growth are also essential to a child’s overall development. We place great importance on developing children’s independence and confidence through nurturing their moral values, entitling them the autonomy for decision making, and providing them ample opportunities to express themselves through verbal and creative means. 


An integral element of our philosophy is our belief in the importance of maintaining collaborative partnership with parents. We support all the channels that could establish open and ongoing communication between parents and teachers.