Nature Makes The Best Classroom

Research has shown that exposure to nature enhances the physical, social and cognitive development of children.  Immersion in nature makes children more centered, calm and increases their capacity to take in and turn new information into knowledge.  Einstein said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Our Kowloon Tong campuses present children with ample opportunities to be in touch with nature. The gardens are filled with various plants and vegetation, including bananas, squash, butterfly pea flowers, dianthus, poinciana, papaya, mango trees…Children get to observe the life cycle of plants first hand, and help to water the plants.  With our loving care, both plants and children thrive in our school gardens.  Please feel free to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and to discover if any of the plants are bearing fruit when you come to pick up your children during the good-bye times.  



Bananas                                          Squash




  Pineapples                                      Dianthus




Butterfly Pea Flowers               Chinese Ixor




Green Pine                               Papaya




Mango Tree             Mango


Supervisor Miss Chan brought cherry tomato plants to school and taught the students how the plants grow.     


Supervisor Miss Chan patiently explained the growth of different plants to the students.


Students saw Yiu Tse carefully cut the bananas from the banana tree.   


Students are observed peel and bud.                                                              



Children are watering the plants.






 They are observing the growth of plants.


The Wonderful Transformation of Life Video.