School E-Newsletter

On Saturday 8th May 2021, the school held three online parents talks with Dr. Jacqueline Luk, which discussed the topic of skin problems and care.


The talk had over 200 participants including parents from the Kowloon Tong campus, Hung Hom campus and Pebbles. Feedback from the parents that attented reflected that they were  satisfied with the arrangements of the talk. They agreed that the time allocated of the talk was appropriate, the content was informative and it enhanced their knowledge of skin health and care for children.


Stepping into the hot summer days, Hong Kong’s hot and humid weather is likely to cause skin problems. The opportunities for outdoor activities increase during summer, our school hopes that this talk provided parents with the correct methods to prevent and take care of skin problems. Let us continue to work cooperatively together at home and school, support each other, and work together to ensure children continue to grow and stay healthy.