Rugby English Active Learning (REAL)

by St. Catherine’s & The Hong Kong Rugby Union



本園與「香港欖球總會」合作,於三月及四月的星期日在澳洲國際學校為高班學生提供Rugby English Active Learning (REAL)活動。




We are excited to be continuing with our programme in collaboration with the Hong Kong Rugby Union for our Upper Kindergarten students on Sundays in February, March & April at the Australian International School.


Rugby English Active Learning (REAL) provides opportunities for children to explore topics related to sport with their rugby coaches, whilst totally immersed in an English speaking, fun environment. Our Upper children gain an understanding of the rules and regulations of rugby, about teamwork and then have the opportunity to put this newly learnt knowledge into practice with the expert coaches.



unnamed (1)

Warming up before the game!





unnamed (2)

The St. Catherine’s Team in action!






We have team spirit! We are learning a lot about ourselves on the rugby field!





unnamed (5)

We are learning new skills! We are a great team!






If at first you don’t succeed try, try again!





unnamed (4)

Ready, steady …watch me go!





unnamed (3)

Happiness is playing rugby!







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