Parent helping in the classroom

We believe that parents and teachers should work in partnership to provide the best possible start for each and every child. We are committed to developing a close collaboration with parents. A close parent-school partnership will ensure that children receive appropriate care and support both at home and at school.

Parents are welcome to visit the classroom and communicate openly with their child's teacher every day at the beginning of the school day and at the end when they collect their children from school. Frequent communication between teachers and parents will help enhance the understanding and support of the children. Parents can contact the teachers by phone through the school office and by written notes in the school hand book.

We have a comprehensive parent-school program, which includes informative talks, open days, volunteer activities and parents' involvement during learning sessions. We encourage parents to participate in school outings, in committees such as our Newsletter Committee, Book Club etc.

Parent volunteers decorate the campus together

Parent volunteers design and decorate
the Parentsí Day booth

Parent volunteer activit