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Offer a secure and happy learning environment to promote self confidence and nurture children's intrinsic interest in learning.

Facilitate all-round development in the areas of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics.

Build a solid foundation in Chinese (Cantonese), English and Putonghua.

Lay the foundation for successful Primary and life-long learning.


Developed forty years of experience, our unparalleled curriculum merges a strong academic foundation from the Eastern culture with good Early Childhood educational practices from the Western culture. The result is well-rounded children who are not only highly competent academically but who also demonstrate a love of learning and a wide range of abilities including thinking skills, creativity and problem solving.

The St. Catherine's curriculum is designed to address the following six learning areas: "Physical fitness and Health", "Bi-lingual Language Development", "Early Mathematics", "Science and Technology", "Self and Society", and "Arts". We place equal importance on nurturing in our students' knowledge and skills as well as a good foundation upon which children can learn how to learn, and develop into all-round individuals to meet the ever-changing needs of the society.

Besides the happy learning environment which we provide, St. Catherine's is probably best known for its success in language development and literacy. We aim to provide a meaningful and authentic environment for learning Chinese (Cantonese), English and Putonghua. Our curriculum is delivered bilingually through a balance of structured and free choice activities conducted in individual, small group and whole class learning sessions.

In line with our philosophy to expose children to language at an early age, each class has both a Chinese Class teacher and a native English Class teacher. They work in partnership and are jointly responsible for the class. Through our topic and project based approach, children develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing in both English and Cantonese on which equal emphasis is placed. Putonghua is introduced through whole class and small group lessons. We place great emphasis on phonics and our very own phonics teaching system is designed to equip children with skills to achieve a high level of competence in reading, writing and spelling. Children’s love of books and reading is nurtured through progressive reading schemes in both English and Chinese.

Letter Posting Activity

Role-playing – Hair dresser

Hot Pot Activity

Physical Activity

Music Movement

Oral Hygiene Activity

Still Life Drawing Practice

Small Group English

Role-playing - BBQ



               Project -  Presentation



Classroom Project Display