English Teachers

Since the school was founded in 1970, English teachers have been an integral part of our team. At present we have over 45 native English teachers working at our three campuses. We strive to provide a supportive environment, not just to our students, but to our teachers as well. We provide a teacher development program comprising opportunities for both internal and external professional enhancement. Staff quarters or subsidies are available for qualified teachers joining us from overseas.

We welcome applications throughout the year from interested parties holding qualifications in Early Childhood (such as Nursery Nursing, NQV 3, PGDE, PCGE, BEd, MEd...) education. Please mail or fax your CV to the address given below.

Chinese and Putonghua Teachers

St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten attaches great importance to children's learning and development in the areas of Chinese, English and Putonghua. We are also committed to nurture the children's interest in learning Putonghua and enhance their listening and speaking abilities. We believe that the children’s language ability is closely related to cognitive development and good language skills are an important foundation for learning language. We also firmly believe that teachers' professional quality is the core value for education work. Therefore, we welcome experienced teachers, who are full of enthusiasm for early childhood education and have preschool education Higher Diploma or degree qualifications (CE / PGDE / BEd / MEd), to join our teaching team, and work together with us in early childhood education in pursuit of excellence.





For those who want to apply for Putonghua teachers, they should meet the following requirements in addition to the aforementioned professional qualifications.

-The applicants’ mother tongue must be Putonghua

- The applicants hold the National Language Committee ( 國家語委) level 2A(or above) certificate, or have passed the Language Proficiency Assessment (Putonghua benchmark test) / Putonghua Proficiency Test .


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