Hung Hom Campus (Aged 2 to 3)

Based on many years of educational experience, our Pre-Nursery curriculum merges the best educational practices from the East and the West. Our child-centered approach is developed and based upon the children’s developmental milestones and abilities. Our curriculum is delivered bilingually with great emphasis placed on allowing children to learn through play and on stimulating their motivation to learn. Through a rich language and inspirational learning environment, our school strives to kindle children’s curiosity and thinking abilities.


The dual thematic and story approaches incorporate a wide range of activities such as sensory and creative role play. These activities will help instill confidence in children and develop their cognitive, language, social, arts, physical and self-care ability. The teaching approach will focus on real life experience which provides opportunities for children to participate and communicate with their peers while working together and also, independently.


In line with our philosophy to expose children to a rich language environment at an early age, each class has both a Chinese class teacher and a native English class teacher. They work in partnership and are jointly responsible for the class with the assistance of a Putonghua teacher and a class assistant. Children will be learning languages happily while immersing themselves in a diverse language environment in order to build a solid foundation of language learning.