E-Learning courses for kindergarten students at Pebbles

 E-Learning courses for kindergarten students at Pebbles

Many parents are concerned about how the instability of this year’s Covid 19 situation may affect their children’s learning and decrease their chance for meaningful interaction with teachers and classmates. Pebbles has designed the following courses specifically with this in mind. 

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If you wish to organise an exclusive class with your child and other children you know, please mention this in your application.


3 – 5 years old: Online English Phonics Fun

Building on St. Catherine’s own pioneering phonics programme honed over half a century of instruction, Pebbles presents two fun and effective Phonics courses. Depending on the age group, the courses introduce children to sounds, sound blending and sound manipulation. They also enhance their phonological awareness, a crucial but often overlooked part of phonics instruction.  


Screenshot of our K2 Phonics lesson 



Screenshot of our Phonics K1 online class 




A Sample K2 Phonics online lesson



4-6 years old: Online P1 Interview Prep (Chinese and English):

These classes are targeted at developing children’s ability and confidence to express and present themselves well, especially during interviews. Activities are designed to enhance students’ analytical and logical thinking skills, improve memory and hone problem-solving skills. Attention will also be paid to augmenting their language skills.



An interactive Chinese language  online K2 interview prep class


An online K2 English language interview class


4-5 Years Old: Hybrid (both in-person and online) P1 Interview Prep:

Since this year, many Primary Schools have resorted to using both online and face-to-face modes of interviewing applicants.  To help children be better equipped in presenting themselves well online as well as at face-to-face interviews, we will introduce a course that features both an in-person lesson at Pebbles as well as an online lesson every week.  The lessons focus on developing children’s skills in interpersonal communication and storytelling, and include a wide range of interview techniques used by prominent primary schools in Hong Kong. The course will also nurture students’ creativity and enhance their self-confidence in expressing themselves so that they can make a positive impression in the interview process.


Hybrid Interview Prep classes at Pebbles to meet the new mode of P1 interviews.


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