Language Fun E-Learning Programme for K1 at Pebbles

Boosting children’s interest and exposure to a language-rich environment is crucial in helping children develop their language skills, especially when learning a foreign language. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, opportunities for children to communicate with others in social settings have been greatly reduced.
Pebbles has organized the following two courses to enhance children’s communication skills in English and Putonghua, and allow them to enjoy the fun of learning different languages!



Available Online Courses:


English Phonics Fun for K1:
Our Native English teachers will be teaching phonics and increasing children’s phonological awareness through interesting and extremely effective stories, songs and rhymes. Children will develop their English skills through fun and interactive games in the comfort and safety of their homes.



Putonghua Fun for K1:
Want to boost your child’s interest in speaking Putonghua?
This Putonghua course allows children to learn everyday language in a fun learning environment.
Our experienced native Putonghua teachers will improve children’s vocabulary, speaking and listening skills through nursery rhymes, song and stories.



Programme details: (2 lessons per week)


Date of programme: 1 Sep – 30 Sep, 2020


No. of students: 4 – 6 students/class


Online Class duration: 30 minutes


Tuition Fees: $200/class




If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Pebbles Playgroup at 2769-1308 or


Please click here to enrol in the programme you want.