Mental Wellness and Emotional Well-being


Dear Parents,

We are living through truly unprecedented times that few have ever  imagined or experienced. Besides effectively delivering our curriculum, maintaining the emotional and mental well-being of our staff, students, their families and our whole school community is just as important to us.

May we offer a few suggestions and resources on how to keep mentally and emotionally well as we face this season of challenges together:


1/ Limit excessive exposure to social media. Only read from reliable sources and avoid scaremongering news.


2/ Set and stick to a healthy routine: Consistency and structure give a sense of security for both adults and children.


3/ Be creative and try something new: Discover new family activities as well as develop your own hobby. For example; paint, dance, sing with your child.


4/ Stay active and healthy: eg. Go for a walk in the sun in non-crowded areas. YouTube has a huge selection of fun dancing, yoga and mindfulness videos which are appropriate for parents and children to do together. Zumba Kids, Yoga for Kids, Mindfulness Meditation for Kids, to name a few.


5/ Connect with others (while maintaining healthy social distancing): You may consider using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime to connect with family and friends. This may help relieve any feelings of isolation.


6/ Proactively direct your mind to positive thoughts: Intentionally replace negative thoughts with positive ones.




7/ Control what you can control, and accept that what will happen, will happen: Instead of focusing on things we cannot control and on ourselves, how about thinking of ways of how we can encourage or help others? This often helps one regain a sense of control as well. Our school’s upcoming campaign to invite our students and teachers to show our thanks to medical staff is one such idea.


8/ Get enough rest for our bodies and mindsLimit screen time, listen to meditation music before bedtime. A drop of lavender oil on a pillow can
do wonders.




We wish you and your family the best of health!!