Chinese New Year holidays extended to February 16, 2020

Dear Parents,


The EDB has just announced that kindergartens, primary and secondary schools will extend their Chinese New Year holidays to Feb 16 ( ie. Class resumption on Monday February 17, 2020).


The Wuhan coronavirus is highly contagious and the epidemic continues to spread. We highly recommend parents to avoid taking children to any crowded areas and to wash hands frequently. When going out, please wear masks at all times and monitor children’s physical condition closely.


Further arrangements will be posted on the school website on February 3, 2020. In order to alleviate the spread of the epidemic, students need to wear masks all the time during school and in the school bus / minibus. In case the mask needs to be replaced, please make sure children will at least bring 3 masks to school each day.


We wish you and your family a healthy and happy Year of the Rat.


Warm regards,
St Catherine’s International Kindergarten
January 26, 2020