‘Read for Ronald’ Charity Campaign 2018-2019

The ‘Read for Ronald’ Charity Campaign was held from January to February, 2019. 194 students from our Nursery, Lower and Upper kindergarten classes actively participated in the campaign and helped raise HKD100,270.00. Our school was awarded the ‘Most Outstanding Fundraiser School’ award.  Hui Corliss Cze Ching(Upper Orange)was the 1st runner up of the ‘Outstanding Fundraiser’ award across Hong Kong. Additionally, Lam Sze Hon(N Pink(a))was also the champion of the ‘Most Well-Read Ambassador’ student award (School). Chan Godwin Enoch (Lower 4), Li Xin Tong Carina (Lower Red), Li Zhao Feng Marcus (Lower Orange) were awarded the 1st Runner Up along with,  Lai Tsz Yan Kaitlyn (Upper JP), Lee Yee Hang (Lower B), Ng Tuen Kan (N Pink(b)), Yu Wan Lik (Upper A), Chen Kate Marie (N Green(b)) and Fan Tsz Kiu (N Rose) who were awarded 2nd Runner Up. These students attended the ‘Read for Ronald’ Charity Campaign ceremony held on July 13th 2019 and received their testimonial and medal. With these funds, the Ronald McDonald House will continue to serve and provide services to sick children and their families in Hong Kong.


Please kindly click at the link https://www.flickr.com/photos/129419613@N06/ for the ceremony photo album.